Jayadev S. Athreya

Dynamics, geometry, sculpture, animation, fabrication, visualization

David Bachman

Geometric modeling, morphogenesis, 3D printing, 3-manifold topology

Keenan Crane

Geometry of surfaces, geometric algorithms, and mathematical illustration

Kelly Delp

Geometric topology, visualizations for education and outreach

David Dumas

Geometric structures, Teichmüller theory, hyperbolic geometry

Ellen Eischen

Algebraic number theory, modular forms, visualization for exploration/outreach

Alexander Holroyd

Probability, combinatorics, computer visualization, laser cutting, puzzles, LEGO

Sarah Koch

Complex dynamics, animations illustrating dynamical phenomena

Alex Kontorovich

Number theory, geometry, harmonic analysis

Sabetta Matsumoto

Hyperbolic space, virtual reality, textiles, 3D printing

Saul Schleimer

Geometric topology, group theory, computation

Rich Schwartz

Geometry, topology, dynamics, computer exploration

Henry Segerman

Three-manifolds, hyperbolic geometry, 3D printing, virtual/augmented reality

Katherine Stange

Number theory, Kleinian groups, computer visualization/experimentation

Laura Taalman

3D printing, computational design, knot theory, graph theory, machine knitting

Semester Participants

Aaron Abrams

Configuration spaces, hyperbolic origami

Roger Antonsen

Cellular automata, Celtic knots, combinatorics, algorithmic/generative art

Arthur Baragar

Arithmetic geometry, number theory, geometry

Sebastian Bozlee

Algebraic geometry, virtual reality

Silviana Amethyst

Algebraic curves & surfaces, numerical algebraic geometry, 3D printing

Scott Carter

Knotted surfaces, 4D polytopes, high dim fractals, 3D/4D rendering

Arnaud Chéritat

Dynamics, geometry, topology, numerical experiments, applets

Rémi Coulon

Geometry, group theory, dynamics

Diana Davis

Billiards, laser cutting, outreach, active learning

Gabriel Dorfsman-Hopkins

Algebraic geometry, number theory, interactive art, crochet

John Edmark

Logarithmic/phi-based spirals, pattern generation, stop-motion animation

Bernat Espigulé

Self-similar sets, complex dynamics, 3D printing, complex trees, animations

Frank A. Farris

Symmetry, complex analysis, geometry, exposition

Matthias Goerner

Hyperbolic geometry, 3-manifolds, Hilbert's 3rd problem

Helen G. Grundman

Number theory, inverse Galois theory, Diophantine equations, sequences

Edmund Harriss

Math objects beyond plastic, CNC/CAM, discrete differential geometry, tilings

Judy Holdener

Number theory, visualization/experimentation for education

Evelyn Lamb

Geometry, topology, sewing, math communication, writing

Jason Manning

Geometric group theory, hyperbolic geometry, cube complexes, topology

Michael Musty

Computational number theory, Belyi maps

Tashrika Sharma

Braid theory, animations showing a mathematical understanding

Martin Skrodzki

Point set representations, data structures, cellular automata

Steve Trettel

Low dimensional topology, non-euclidean geometry, algebraic geometry

Glen Whitney

Public math outreach, three-dimensional physical models, polyhedral compounds

Jonathan Wise

interactive visualization of moduli spaces

Carolyn Yackel

Mathematical knitting, laser cutting, Catalan solids

Visiting Participants

Henry Adams

Topology, geometry, and mathematical art

Darío Alatorre

Aperiodic tilings, generative art, live-coding

Vincent Borrelli

Differential geometry, differential topology, visualization

John Bowers

Discrete geometry, circle packing, 3D printing

Nathan Carter

Group theory, computer graphics

Albert Chern

Differential geometry, fluid dynamics, mathematical visualization

Mahadi Ddamulira

Number theory, Diophantine equations, linear recurrence sequences

Tom Edgar

Algebra, number theory, visualization for education

Rebecca Field

Classifying spaces, fabric/clothing design, 3D printing

Andrew Hanson

Quaternions, 4D interfaces, protein and shape matching, visualization

Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo

Geometric modeling, computational mathematics

Martin Flashman

Mapping diagrams to visualize functions, linear algebra, geometry

Michael E. Gage

Differential geometry, geometric evolution, educational visualization

Eva Goedhart

Number theory, Diophantine equations, crochet, oil painting

Bill Goldman

Visualization of geometric structures, discrete groups, dynamical systems

Bathsheba Grossman

Geometrical sculpture for CAD/CAM media

Allison Henrich

Knots, games, magic, communication

Catherine Hsu

SET, group theory, Apollonian circle packings, Euclideanity

Veronika Irvine

Computational textiles, graph drawing, education

Rajaa Issa

Paneling for NURBS geometry, 3D modeling software development

Eryk Kopczyński

Non-Euclidean geometry, roguelike games, programming complex stuff

Hana Kourimska

Triangulations, flat metrics with conical singularities, differential geometry

Oliver Labs

Algebraic geometry, history, 3D printing, sculpture, math-in-glass, jewelry

Daniel Lautzenheiser

Circle packings, fractals, hyperbolic geometry

Jesse S. F. Levitt

Manifold learning on knots, visualizing data clouds

Taneli Luotoniemi

Mathematics and arts, geometry, topology, pedagogical models

Vince Matsko

Fractals, binary trees, digital art, polyhedra and polytopes

Greg McShane

3D visualisation of surfaces in Blender, 2D illustration, WebGL with javascript

Claire Merriman

Visualizations explaining math to a wider audience, continued fractions

David Moore

Renormalization, relationships with physics

Ralph Morrison

Tropical geometry, algebraic geometry, graph theory

Bjoern Muetzel

Hyperbolic geometry, illustrating geometry, gamification of math

Roice Nelson

Visualization, polytopes, honeycombs, non-Euclidean geometry, programming

Marcel Padilla

Physical simulation, differential geometry, visualization

Olga Paris-Romaskevich

Dynamics and geometry, billiards, public outreach, storytelling, performance

Stepan Paul

Teaching and pedagogy, outreach

Emily Peters

Subfactors, mathematical physics, diagrammatic category theory

Joe Quinn

Geometric topology, visualization, pedagogy

Heidi Robb and Peter Benson

Tilings, knots, color, product design, laser cutting, exploring new materials

David Rose

Topology, representation theory, diagrammatic methods

Elissa Ross

Architectural geometry, computational fabrication, mathematical illustration

Natasha Rozhkovskaya

Representation theory, quantum groups, combinatorics

Evelyn Sander

Math Makerlab at GMU, primarily focused on 3D printing

Olena Shmahalo

Math & science illustration, visualizing the invisible, procedural CGI, 2D & 3D art

Kenneth R Stephenson

Circle packing, discrete conformal geometry, conformal tilings

Mark J Stock

Computational physics, art, computer graphics, 3D printing, data wrangling

John M Sullivan

Geometric knot theory, CMC surfaces, mathematical visualization

Moritz Sümmermann

Interactive visualizations of topology, virtual reality

Hamish Todd

Interactive communication and design, visualization, information geometry

Mikael Vejdemo-Johansson

Topological data analysis, 3D printing and laser cutting, reifying mathematics

Jeff Weeks

Geometry/topology software and lectures for the general public

Martin Weissman

Number theory, representation theory, visualization, graphic design

Katherine Ye

Mathematical language and notation, computer graphics, interactive diagrams