Date started: Fall 2018
Leads: Katherine Stange, Sebastian Bozlee, participants of the Experimental Mathematics Lab @ CU Boulder


Integer sequences arise in all areas of mathematics, sciences and beyond.  Our goal is to create an online tool, suitable for mathematicians, hobbyists and artists, which actually consists of a suite of user-friendly tools for importing integer sequences from OEIS (On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences) data and other sources, and combining them with p5.js/WebGL/javascript visualization tools.  The special-built tools will meet several goals, including (1) harnessing the human visual system to detect properties of sequences and make conjectures, e.g. self-similarity, correlations and randomness, factorization patterns, growth rates, etc. (2) providing engaging and easy-to-use interfaces to promote curiosity and exploration and (3) creating beautiful patterns.


A screenshot of a Turtle Walk visualization tool, displaying a Racaman sequence path.
A screenshot of a self-similarity tool comparing a sequence with its own subsequences.
A Chaos Game image produced using the terms of a random sequence with short-range correlations (at left) and a totally random sequence (at right).