Curvature Based Clothing

Date started: September 2019
Leads: Sabetta Matsumoto, Kelly Delp, Edmund Harriss


This project uses creates bespoke clothing using curved seams to sew or curved strips to weave garments. These objects are algorithmically generated based on the curvature of the target surface. In both methodologies, the surface is approximated by locally developable patches and the curvature is accounted for by adding curvature to the seams or the shapes of the strips.


This is a trial of the curved weaving project. Here we started with an egg-carton surface made of cosine bumps.
The weave is planned on the surface by intersecting the surface with planes in the triaxial weave pattern. The intersections have geodesic curvature on the surface.
We then create a euclidean strip with the same geodesic curvature. These locally developable strips are then woven together into the surface.
Weaving in progress.