CNC Mathematical Modeling

Date started: 2011
Leads: Edmund Harriss, Nick Bruscia, Dan Vrana, Mark Rogers


Subtractive CNC tools from routers and laser cutters to waterjets and more exotic machines provide an opportunity to create mathematical models and artworks in a wide array of materials. This comes at the cost of a more involved design process than options such as 2d and 3d printing. Yet this design process itself is rather mathematical and the machines themselves offer an illustration of ideas in geometry, for example the projection involved from the space of machine positions to the Lie Group of rigid motions in 3d in which the machines move. From a broader perspective, meeting the challenges of creating mathematical models and the algorithms and concepts that support that will create innovative solutions of use to a wide range of industrial and design applications of CNC manufacturing.


Studies in Machine Control by a mathematical consideration of toolpath
Pseudo-sphere etched with geodesics
Brick Hyperboloid