3d printing algebraic surfaces

Date started: January 2015
Leads: Alba Málaga


I 3D print algebraic surfaces as a support for outreach – I find that they really add to the engagement and ease of understanding when presented along an image based math exhibition. Using 3D models at an exhibition also has an impact on the accessibility, lowering the barrier for the blind. I plan to explore additional tactile textures to even further increase the accessibility 3D printed models.

I indistinctly use STL files produced by myself or by other people kindly sharing their models.

For the production of my own STL files, I actually pass through a parametrization of a surface. But parameterizing an algebraic surface in a way friendly to 3D printing is a highly non trivial problem. I know that other people use better solvers for their models and I plan to do the same in the future: for example, Silviana Amethyst produces very neat models with Bertini real.